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Chipmunk Cheeks Treats

Gifts, hampers & indulgent staples.

The place to go when you want to give something homemade, but don’t actually want to make it yourself.

What our happy customers say!

I’ve tried quite a few chipmunk cheek items at this point. It’s really hard to pick a favorite. I keep a cabinet full of their spice blends and anyone who likes heat will love the mango habanero sauce and the chili jam. I make waffles and pancakes just to sample the jams and I once got into an argument with my partner because he realized I’d almost finished full bags of biscotti and cookies without sharing. So yeah, I recommend pretty much everything on the menu.



What can I say about Chipmunk Cheeks Treats- Gifts And Hampers that will give an actual and honest review description about the experience?
How much time do you have ? I’m not even kidding. Chipmunk has perfectly captured flavour and taste leaving the eater (me) beyond satisfied and yearning for more. Both myself and my beloved have been caught eating straight from the jar and my only regret is that we finished it too soon.
Don’t even get me started on the delicious spice blends. I can’t even explain how many times dinner has been saved! When one stares despondently at the fridge and pantry trying to figure out what the heck to even MAKE for dinner, or where to start, turns out Chipmunk saved the day again and again and again.
I don’t want to tell you how good the choc chip cookies are ‘cos then there will be none left for ME.
The strawberry jams (the margarita jam in partic) is a highlight but I can’t deny the truth. My heart and soul lies in that amazing bacon jam, a combo of 2 of my favourite things. Oh god, my mouth is even salivating thinking of that BBQ sauce. And the relishes? Hello flavour town: population ME. I told you I would need some serious time.
A big regret in my life is that Angie got snapped up by a Viking before I could lock her and her delicious treats down. 100/10, can never get enough of everything ever. Big fan, HUGE and I can’t wait to eat more.


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